Investment casting is also known as the lost wax process. This process is one of the oldest manufacturing processes. The Egyptians used it in the time of the Pharaohs to make gold jewelry (hence the name Investment) some 5,000 years ago. Intricate shapes can be made with high accuracy. In addition, metals that are hard to machine or fabricate are good candidates for this process. It can be used to make parts that cannot be produced by normal manufacturing techniques, such as turbine blades that have complex shapes, or aero plane parts that have to withstand high temperatures.

Why Investment Castings?

Design Flexibility
Investment casting produces near net shaped configurations, offering designers and engineer’s freedom of design in a wide range of alloys.
Wide Choice of Alloys
Various Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals are routinely cast.
Eliminate Tooling Setup
By offering near net shaped configuration, fixturing costs are substantially reduced or eliminated.
Cut Assembly Operations
Several parts can be made as one casting, reducing handling, assembly and inspection costs.
Reproduce Fine Details
Spines, holes, bosses, lettering, serrations and even some threads can be cast.
Investment castings have a wide application in Automobiles, Defense, Nuclear Engineering, Aerospace, Pumps and Turbines, Valves Dairy Machines, General Engineering etc.
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